Graeme Smith - Software Development Lead

I’ve spent the entirety of my 18-year career immersed in the IT sector, working with and meeting great people along the way. With experience gained at IBM and HP, I’ve been involved in, exposed to and led on numerous high-profile projects of which I’m incredibly proud. However, a year into my career at Consenna and I’m continuing to be wowed, surprised and challenged.

Yes, twelve whole months since I took my first step in to the world of Consenna.  It was a business I’d held in high esteem since its inception having been fortunate enough to work with the founders, Douglas and Paul, whilst at HP.  I enjoyed many successes with them back then and always hoped our paths would cross again professionally as I knew they’d have built something special in Consenna.  Trevor, meanwhile, was an HP figure who I’d not had the pleasure to work directly with, but I was certainly aware of his pedigree and positive leadership, so it was fantastic to see him join the company in 2019.

All of this meant that I had a fairly sizeable dose of imposter syndrome in my first week.  However, I WAS confident of my own abilities and as I met more and more of the team – all equally impressive figures – it was soon overtaken by excitement for what I was now a part of.  Working with a team such as this for a year really does bring out your best.

And wow, what a year it has been!

In comparison to some of the large companies that I’ve worked for, it might have been fair to assume that a role at Consenna could have been less exciting, or less high-profile… or even maybe slower paced.  I can tell you that exactly the opposite is true!

We’ve had some really big wins, completed a lot of hard work, faced some challenges along the way, and introduced important changes to our products and processes.  As many in the channel have started to see first-hand, we’ve created a game-changing sustainability platform in Consenna Carbon, along with a suite of other unique products that make the channel a more efficient, competitive and ultimately better place to operate.

Yes, Consenna is a small company, but it’s one that’s aspiring to make a demonstrable impact on the industry both domestically, and increasingly on a global level.  That’s because it’s built around the very best talent with a culture that absolutely draws the best out of every individual.

In many ways I can’t believe it’s been a year already; yet at the same time, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  If that’s the first year, I can’t wait to see what’s still to come.  Consenna is still a young company so I am very excited about the future, and as my favourite songwriters would say, “It’s good to be young and daring.” (Thanks, Runrig!)