Wendy Anderson

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts…” – it’s one of those quotable quotes that so often get banded about, but in being so, it’s easy to neglect the sentiment behind it. It’s something, however, that sits at the heart of Consenna’s approach which is why you may have seen it quoted elsewhere on our website.

Exactly what Aristotle had in mind when he coined the phrase is the subject of many scholarly theses, but it is generally accepted that it refers to how the combined strength, power or potential of a collection of individual items, outweighs the strength of those items in isolation. 

Take car components, for example.  Laid flat on a workshop floor, you have all the necessary ingredients to create a car, you just don’t have a car.  Take those components, assemble them in the right order and add a power source and now you have a car – there’s strength in those components being combined together.

And so it is the case with Consenna Carbon.

In the month since we launched our ground-breaking sustainability platform for the IT channel, I’ve had numerous conversations with partners for whom this quote couldn’t be more appropriate.

Let’s face it, sustainability is a good thing and for the business world and integrating sustainability within a company’s ideals and values is practically a given.  Translating that through to action, however, can often be a whole different challenge.

“We know we need to push more sustainable solutions to our customers…” 

 “Our customers are being mandated to make sustainable purchasing decisions…”

 “Old devices are being left in a cupboard rather than being responsibly recycled…”

 These all portray the sentiment behind so many recent conversations I’ve had with channel partners.  And all too often, they’ve been followed with:

“…but I’ve simply not known where to start…”


“…how can I alone make a difference…?”

 Consenna Carbon gives those channel partners access to a community where self-serve sustainability focused marketing campaigns are readily available, as is a library of sustainability training and, crucially, education modules on what it all means.

In creating Carbon, we have a vision to create an army of IT industry sustainability ambassadors and we’ve committed to on-boarding 1000 resellers this year – now, if ever there’s an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, I think you’ve got it right there!

To find out more, drop me an email on wendy.anderson@consenna.com