Trevor Evans - Managing Director

It was Christopher Hitchens who said, “Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay.”

In my case, I completely agree. Not because “The world according to Trevor”, as my first boss in RM described my early approach, would not have a few moments of genuine amateurish hilarity, it would. But because a chapter about the first few weeks of July 2021, would be considered too far-fetched to be believed. It would read more like a cross between Dragon’s Den and Dr Who. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy does Strictly Come Dancing including a reincarnated Bruce Forsyth. Fun but fantastical fiction.

Except for one thing. It did happen. It’s still happening. The book can wait.

The small, yet athletic, wicked smart team from Scotland out did Jeff Bezos this week; we went into orbit. We broke the tired, stale mould of promotions with the launch of Consenna Spark. The feedback from friends in the Channel, both old and new has been awesome. You know who you are, thank you. Our leadership in this space further validated with the distribution of our promotions Whitepaper written by our very own galactic warrior and Ronan Keating lookalike, Simon. I’m delighted with many downloads enabling dozens of businesses to benefit from this expertise.

Not content with a single orbit, we then launched Carbon this week. To anyone who thought a choice was needed between doing the right thing and paying to do so, we made it easy for you. Doing the right thing is not a choice, it’s a value. With extensive media coverage and Resellers already queueing to join, Carbon will reset the agenda for sustainable IT. This matters. Top work from the Consenna team for which “thank you” seems insufficient.

 To end the week, a further orbit saw our partnership with Acer & Px3 lift off. Great to work with enlightened leaders, equally eager for positive provocation. The pace will not relent over the Summer. We’ve a ton to do. More moulds to break, more outmoded thinking to disrupt and more astronauts to hire.

As a Springsteen fan, my life’s anthem since early teens is “Born to Run”. Now, that’s a good title for the book.