What is Consenna Carbon?

Consenna Carbon is a FREE platform where resellers can log in, browse from a library of sustainability focused campaigns, then simply Select the campaign, Send it directly to their prospects and Sell.

Carbon allows resellers to drive real change in the IT sustainability landscape by helping train up the army of reseller staff, coupled with the ability to rapidly market directly to prospects through Consenna Carbon.

Across the platform, powerful insights into the performance of selected sustainability messaging, promotions, audience penetration and sales uptake mean that Consenna Carbon™ is able to create a sustainability blueprint for the IT Industry that will drive awareness and secure greater change.

I want to be part of the solution

Do you know your carbon offsetting from your energy consumption? Your e-waste from green washing?

We’ve put together some handy carbon information for you, in a short powerful video format.

We’ll then test your knowledge of the subjects, and if you score highly enough, you’ll become a Consenna Carbon Ambassador (with a nifty certificate for you to show off on LinkedIn).

Who could say no to that? So let’s get started…

Test your Carbon Knowledge

It's Time for Change.

Sustainability isn’t only for vegans living off grid in a van in the mountains of South America… it’s for all of us. We all have a vital role to play.

At Consenna we’ve watched as some of the big industry names commit to carbon goals set far into the distance with no context as to what’s involved, why it’ll take so long or what it really even means…

While it’s great to see, it doesn’t hold a candle to the level of action needed to make a real impact and drive real change. So we decided to do something about it.

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At Consenna we Disrupt.

Sometimes disruption is innovation to stimulate growth. With Consenna Carbon, it’s something bigger than that – Sustainability requires help and application from us all.

Consenna Carbon at a glance
  • Menu of self-serve sustainability marketing campaigns
  • Marketplace of sustainability products and services
  • Packed Library of sustainability training
  • Valuable sustainability education modules

Through Consenna Carbon resellers can stimulate sustainability focused opportunity amongst their customer base, while training up their staff to confidently and successfully handle conversations on sustainability with ease.

You can be part of the Army of Sustainability Ambassadors with Consenna Carbon – Register your interest today

“Sustainability is not about stopping life’s everyday activities. It is about conducting those activities in a way that reduces harm in both the short and long term. My research determines that I.T. related GHG emissions require a forest the size of Canada and Greenland to sequester the annual pollution caused by our digital footprint. Consequently, the most effective way to abate I.T. environmental impact and to achieve net zero is to act in concert as we accelerate towards 2050. As such, Px3 is delighted to be working with Consenna and recognises the value associated with a platform capable of generating sustainability awareness with such breadth.”

Justin Sutton-Parker

Doctorate Researcher for the University of Warwick Computer and Urban Science Dept. and Warwick Business School, Sustainability and Strategy Dept.
MBA, Sustainability
Sustainable IT Editor for the Guardian Sustainability and Ethics Supplement My Green Pod
CEO and Research Director, Px3 Ltd

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