What is Consenna Spark?

For too long promotion providers have relied on vague, text heavy, predictable cliche ridden marketing pages and a “get in touch” button.

It’s 2021. Ambitious businesses deserve better. No one wants to have to “get in touch” to help with their decision. Who has the time for that?

Enough is enough. We’ve changed the game forever in launching Consenna Spark. Everything you need to browse, consider, select and launch any promotion with never-before-seen agility, in under 2 weeks.

Take a look for yourself and you’ll quickly see how this easy to digest menu of rapidly deployable promotions is making big waves and delivering even bigger results. It’s 2021 after all.

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The Promotions Playbook...

At Consenna we have years of experience and thought it might be valuable to package up our unique experience, insights, tips, tricks and tactics when it comes to selection and delivery of powerful promotions.
Inside at a glance
  • Channel Partners tell us what works and what doesn’t
  • Get the most effective promotional activity in market
  • Practical methods on how to analyse and read data
  • Make better, faster choices
  • Insight on pricing methods for best impact 
  • A success database on promotional types 
You can download the Impactful Promotion Strategies whitepaper totally free by confirming your details for access.

    The Architect of Disruption

    Consenna does Disruption. Both in how we design and build our promotions, and in how we present them. Knowledge is power, and we like to share our knowledge so everyone wins. So Consenna Spark was an easy decision for us to create a fully transparent menu of rapid deployment promotions that go from sign off to live in weeks.

    Save time, get busy winning.

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