With a wealth of experience in the IT sector, Graeme joined Consenna in November 2020 in to the newly created role of Software Development Lead.

His career has allowed him to work in positions that have taken him across both Europe and the US, and he has experience in sales, pre-sales and as a Service Delivery Manager. This equips him with a natural adaptability to not only meet, but exceed, customer expectations.

In his role at Consenna, Graeme will oversee all of the applications that are provided to both existing and future customers to ensure that they’re each being designed, developed and tested in a way that makes them fully scalable and with a focus on maximising impact and up-time.

His experience working on projects in other global markets will almost certainly prove vital as Consenna seeks to expand its global footprint.

Away from work, Graeme is kept busy with a daughter and twin sons with whom he and his partner love to explore their native Scotland, especially the Hebrides. He’s also an avid music fan and plays the drums and guitar.