Simon Yates - Chief Operating Officer

I am lucky enough to have been in the IT industry through four major operating system transitions.

As we look towards Windows 11, it’s a major update that focuses on productivity, flexibility, access and ease of use for all Windows users. It promises much.

Making the most of such a change and realising HOW you can deliver for the majority of existing and new customers, is so important at these exciting times. It’s time to help users capitalise on what’s next.  

Windows 11 brings amazing changes for its users, so it would be such a disappointment to leave behind those with five-year-old PCs, those without TPM or a 64GB eMMC min drive!

They could be customers in specific segments such as education with 32Gb eMMC devices, or specific customers using five-, six- or seven-year-old devices on Windows 10 within an organisation. As this transition impacts consumers, SMBs and schools first, it’s time to appeal to them as the most promotionally susceptive area of the market.

You now have a brand-new way to overcome this challenge – Consenna Spark.

Imagine building a trade-in offer that helps you approach these users and provide them a simple, cost effective and sustainable way to move from old to new technology. Imagine doing that in a few clicks with totally transparent costs.

We can build a trade-in offer branded, deployed, and ready to take claims in under three weeks.  We have innovative pricing models from real value to 100% cashback models, the budget you have should never be a limitation on driving inclusion for your customers.

E-waste regulations, the cost to responsibly dispose of old assets, erase the data whilst managing all the logistics, are a burden holding back technology changes. This is old thinking.  A Consenna Spark trade-in manages the whole process, with accredited logistics, disposal and waste management, zero landfill and 70% reuse of old assets. We provide secure, easy and sustainable transitions for your customers. Why wait?

We are specialists in the IT channel. We understand how important partners are, whether they are B2C or B2B. We embrace the benefit of these channels to add a better customer experience, reducing admin and providing customer and channel facing service teams that will help. Put us to the test, you’ll never look back.