Impactful insights.

At Consenna we have years of experience and thought it might be valuable to package up our unique experience, insights, tips, tricks and tactics when it comes to selection and delivery of powerful promotions.

What's in it for me?

Promotion agencies protect the knowledge gathered from running promotions like it’s the second coming of the messiah. Drip feeding titbits of information like a baited hook waiting for a bite.

At Consenna we don’t operate with the carrot on a stick approach. Knowing the ingredients doesn’t mean you have the recipe. We like to share our knowledge because it helps our customers better understand the options, the strengths of each promotion, and what’s involved to make it success.

Consenna still execute the recipe with a steady experienced set of hands to ensure maximum results, so please confirm your details below if you’d like to download our free insight-packed industry leading whitepaper on Impactful Promotion Strategies. 

Inside at a glance
  • Channel Partners tell us what works and what doesn’t
  • Get the most effective promotional activity in market
  • Practical methods on how to analyse and read data
  • Make better, faster choices
  • Insight on pricing methods for best impact 
  • A success database on promotional types 

You can download the Impactful Promotion Strategies whitepaper totally free by confirming your details for access.

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