When we recruited Kirsty Thompson into the newly created role of Service Delivery Manager, we did so with a vision that Consenna would push the boundaries of what first-class customer service can achieve.  Little did we know then that by the time she joined us on April 1, that the UK (indeed, much of the world!) would be in lockdown.  However, out of challenge comes opportunity and here, Kirsty explains why there’s possibly never been a better time to focus on exceeding expectations.

Having spent over 20 years working on major IT service delivery projects for the world’s largest drinks company, I have honed my approach to building and maintaining successful relationships, keeping abreast of any service issues, and ensuring that robust processes facilitate the delivery of a quality service .  At all times, I had a keen eye on service level agreements and a firm focus on ensuring that KPIs were consistently delivered.

Such levels of process and accountability can occasionally feel onerous or oppressive, but it’s at times like those we’re all facing now that you realise the value that comes with such a firm focus on quality service and just how closely service delivery and customer service need to be aligned in order to benefit the customer.

My role at Consenna sees me manage the seamless transition of projects from inception, through ‘go-live’ and then the on-going delivery of first-class service to our customers.  I’ve also assumed overall responsibility for governance, compliance and service improvement.

Of course, starting a new role in the current climate means that there will no doubt be challenges ahead.  However, I also see this as an opportunity.  It’s a great way to really get to know a business and through an adaptable and agile approach, to proactively react to the challenges in such way as to emerge all the stronger.

Consenna has grown at a phenomenal rate over the past couple of years and for me, this is a great opportunity to meaningfully engage at the infancy of some of the team’s activities and develop a framework to be followed as more and more opportunities unfold through the company’s continued growth.

Of course, this all counts as much for Consenna’s customers as it does for the team internally – our customers sit at the heart of everything that we do, after all.  Indeed, our customer portfolio expects great service and whilst we’re already delivering that, I shall oversee processes and systems to ensure that we always exceed expectations.  We will set the industry standards for customer service and there’s no better time to focus on achieving that right now, even if we’re operating in strange and uncertain times.

Kirsty Thompson, Service Delivery Manager, Consenna