Consultative approach generates five-fold sales value increase.

With deeply entrenched heritage as a leader in the analogue photography industry of old, Kodak had evolved significantly into a supplier of much wider portfolio of products and solutions across print, packaging, graphic design and ink. However, whilst its overall brand awareness afforded Kodak the ability to engage prospects and lead them to proposal stage, conversion to sales was in decline.

With a focus on further evolving its portfolio of print solutions, whilst enabling its sales team to communicate positive TCO and ROI messages around those solutions, Kodak challenged Consenna to secure stand-out in a busy and increasingly commoditised marketplace in order that its products became an obvious purchasing choice.

Consenna designed and implemented a series of highly engaging and interactive sales tools to demonstrate return on investment and enable Kodak sales teams to adopt a more consultative sales approach.

By helping customers both realise and justify their investment in a Kodak solution, the overall proposal to sale conversion ratio improved significantly and a five-fold increase in average sale value was realised within just six months of the sales tools being implemented.

“Our consultative approach generated a five-fold sales value increase”

— Douglas Jeffrey, Chairman

Douglas Jeffrey