Illustrating ROI.

Power Oasis (now Silver Power Systems), a leading provider of off-grid power solutions for remote mobile phone antenna masts operated by global Telcos worldwide, challenged Consenna with communicating the cost savings and return on investment that could be achieved by investing in its innovative solutions.

Consenna designed, developed and implemented an interactive infographic tool to clearly model the specific returns that a customer could achieve by investing in a managed Power Oasis solution based on renewable energy sources, compared to more traditional power solutions based on diesel generators.

The sales tool played a vital role in attracting new Telco customers, helped in building the business case for Power Oasis to become approved as a global provider, and was then used to model and justify specific adoption scenarios that varied according to local conditions in each country and location.

“Interactive infographics paint the case for increased ROI.”

— Douglas Jeffrey, Chairman

Douglas Jeffrey