What is reseller and channel enablement?

Simply, reseller and channel enablement is the specific element of sales enablement that is designed and aimed at supporting the invaluable role carried out by the various parties that form the IT channel, taking the goods and services of leading technology companies through to their intended end-users.

Reseller and channel enablement is a vital support mechanism in ensuring that they’re fully prepared and equipped to successfully engage with existing and potential customers and drive sales growth.

From the initial selection, through on-boarding that can include training and coaching, and on to the sustained provision of support materials and resources, the enablement process for resellers must be relevant and tailor-made to ensure its value.

Consenna and reseller and channel enablement

Enabling channel partners to sell effectively is at the heart of so much of Consenna’s work.

Formulating reseller and channel enablement approaches that can be comprised of focus groups, marketing collateral, coaching and innovative technological tools, Consenna has developed and managed programs for the channel partners of HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Kodak and Veritas.