What are risk managed promotions?

Risk managed promotions can be a hugely important element of a sales promotion effort.  When a business needs to drive and increase sales, a promotion is likely to raise two key questions: “will it have the necessary impact to deliver the response intended?” and, conversely, “what if it proves too successful and risks profitability?”.  It’s here that a risk managed promotion is required.

There can be any number of elements employed as part of such a risk managed promotion to ensure its success.  From over-redemption insurance, to capped promotions that rely on clear monitoring of customer registrations and on to clear Ts & Cs that detail eligibility and timeframes, engaging an expert team to manage a sales promotion will deliver not only success, but safeguard profits and reputation.

Consenna and risk managed promotions

Consenna has a wealth of experience in creating and managing all aspects of risk managed promotions for a range of clients that includes HP, Lenovo and key players throughout the IT sales supply chain.

The Consenna team’s effective management of these promotions ensures that all risks are assessed and accounted for and measures put in place to ensure that the parameters of the promotion are clearly defined.