Risk managed, results centric campaigns with end-to-end accountability to drive ambitious, innovative and risk-controlled performance

Simply, a successful sales campaign should be hinged on a precisely targeted and compelling value proposition.

The intelligent and automated use of data is vital in both attracting and converting prospects and our market-leading suite of databases enable us to create campaigns that are wholly GDPR compliant. In todays competitive market it is vital to use the latest breakthroughs in data analytics and artificial intelligence to ensure that the quality and quantity of sales leads makes best use of sales time and maximises conversion.

Relating back to the core strategy at all times, the sales campaigns that we create and manage for customers are always innovative, risk managed and often created on a fixed-fee model.  They can include Trade-Ins, Cash Backs, With Cash Backs, Guaranteed Future Value, Money Back Guarantees, Loyalty Programmes and Test Drives.

Our customers need to engage and activate their partners within the channel and, ultimately, enjoy increased sales growth.  A sales campaign by Consenna is always precisely targeted, laden with a compelling value proposition and built on the intelligent and innovative use of data that both attracts and converts prospects to deliver that growth.