What is sales effectiveness?

Sales effectiveness is all about success at every stage of the sales process.  It’s about margin growth, customer growth, revenue growth, strengthened customer loyalty and customer retention.

Why is sales effectiveness important?

Sales effectiveness is hinged on the ability to accurately identify sales targets, drive demand generation, and create competitive advantage.  Without it, meaningful growth is a lot harder, if not impossible, to secure.

Why does sales effectiveness matter to the technology sector?

Businesses operating within IT and technology are faced with increasing levels of competitiveness, cost-cutting, and an ever-present focus on TCO.

Sales effectiveness is a vital means by which these businesses can ensure growth in all aspects of their sales effort.

Consenna and sales effectiveness

Sales effectiveness is at the heart of almost everything that we do for our customers.

Having been born from experience working in the heart of the IT sector, we understand the challenges that these businesses face.  We appreciate what realistic, achievable, and sometimes ambitious sales targets look like; we know how to drive demand to reach these and we know how to carve out a position of unrivalled competitive advantage.