What is sales enablement?

Quite simply, sales enablement is all about equipping a sales team with the necessary level of support, preparedness, and practical tools and guidance so that it is equipped to increase the number of sales it secures.

There is no set formula for what is required as part of an overall sales enablement platform and the key to success is often in combining a broad range of sales enablement tools to create a bespoke solution for the customer in question.

Why is sales enablement important?

You wouldn’t climb a mountain without the necessary preparation and equipment, nor would you cross the road without first checking for oncoming traffic.  In the same way, it is naïve to expect a sales team to effectively deliver against the goals they’ve been set without a bespoke portfolio of sales enablement tools to support and guide them.

Why does sales enablement matter within the technology sector?

For technology companies engaging with their end-users via a network of reseller and channel partners, it is imperative to guarantee that the support, preparedness and provision of practical tools and guidance mentioned above is totally aligned with their business goals and brand values.

Consenna and sales enablement 

Consenna has developed, through many years’ experience, an appreciation that a successful approach to sales enablement is not a cookie cutter solution.  Success can only be secured when the sales enablement process is built on a combination of marketing information and content, interactive tools, training and workshops, professional consulting or research and insight – and much more besides.

The team at Consenna has a wealth of experience in how to combine these sales enablement tools in a way that supports a sales team to enhance their effectiveness and create competitive advantage.