What is sales engagement?

A seller needs to interact with a potential customer.  The points at which these interactions occur or have the potential to occur are the points of sales engagement.  Whilst traditionally, these would have been face to face, they are increasingly via a sales engagement platform such as a presentation, a webinar, a promotional email, or other measurable online means.

Why is sales engagement important?

Carried out effectively, sales engagement provides sales teams with critical data and metrics that can help inform and improve the overall sales process.  Ideally formed of both qualitative and quantitative data, sales engagement should be employed to drive greater efficiencies and optimize the contact between seller and customer.

Consenna and sales engagement

Our experience working within the IT industry provides us with first-hand knowledge of the challenges the sector faces when seeking to drive growth and when coupled with our unique approach to sales engagement we believe we’re unrivalled in our offer.

Our approach to sales engagement helps customers to accelerate growth, attain their goals, increase revenue, strengthen relationships, enhance differentiation, and empower their teams.