What is sales promotion?

In short, sales promotion is a means by which a product or service is introduced or promoted to a potential customer as a way to encourage engagement and purchase.  The promotion itself is often over a fixed length of time, or within fixed parameters, aimed at boosting sales.

Why is sales promotion important?

Sales promotion is an often-vital element of the overall sales and marketing mix as it provides an immediacy around a call-to-action that can deliver a significant boost and uplift to both demand and ultimately conversion to sales.

Why does sales promotion matter within the technology sector?

For companies operating within technology, not least of all those selling their products and services via a network of channel partners, sales promotion techniques have been proven to be an effective way of incentivising those partners as they seek to engage with the end users.

Consenna and sales promotion

Consenna has a rich history of working with leading global technology brands including HP, Lenovo, Kodak, Microsoft, and BT to deliver sales promotions that are agile, and which create both demand and competitive advantage.

Consenna’s senior management team is drawn from leading roles within global IT companies.  This team possess first-hand experience of the challenges around creating demand and driving growth and so it approaches all sales promotions with a level of empathy and understanding that is unmatched.