Acer has today announced the launch of a digital transformation solution that will support its growing mid-market customer base to sustainably transition through the most radical workplace revolution in a generation.

“Acer Green Rewards” has been developed in partnership with Consenna, the leader in sales growth programmes for global IT companies.  It equips Acer’s channel partners with a solution that quickly and seamlessly demonstrates to customers not only the financial cost of their digital transformation, but also the impact to the environment – a factor that more and more businesses quite rightly demand.

Recognising the fundamental workplace shift to mobile-led hybrid working patterns, Acer has committed to enable its customers in a way never seen before within the channel that enhances this transition and, equally importantly, underscores the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.

Acer Green Rewards is a dedicated on-line portal and deal calculator that enables resellers to instantly deliver new product quotes, provide recycle trade-in values, present added value offers available on Acer product lines and a customised sustainability impact report, all via a single platform, all within a few minutes. The customised sustainability report is a significant point of difference for the programme and has been collaboratively developed by Acer, Px3 the specialist sustainability consultancy, and Consenna.

Until now, this combination has never been possible, previously requiring numerous conversations over a significant period of time.

Nick Walter, Head of Commercial at Acer, comments:

“With a focus on reinforcing our own sustainability credentials, whilst strengthening our footprint amongst mid-market customers, it’s imperative that we’re assured of a level of consistency around content and core messaging so that our channel partners serve as reliable ambassadors of our brand.  

“Acer Green Rewards helps partners address with their customers the biggest challenge the channel faces today and for the future – sustainability. The programme is channel innovation at its very best and focuses on supporting outcomes rather than just transactions. 

“All industry sectors are facing the sustainability challenge, so we’re pleased to be able to provide solutions to partners right now to be able to meet this challenge.  The customised, real-world sustainability impact report that each sales conversation is instantly provided with is a point of difference that we’re all proud of.

 “We recently presented the programme via a roundtable with a number of partners and the feedback was really exciting so we’re looking forward to expanding the programme within our Synergy Partner base”.

With the ability to offer instant quotes and trade in values in addition to the wealth of Acer value for partners and end users, Acer is positioning itself to be the primary source for resellers and customers within the commercial space.

James Fitch, Consenna Project Lead on Acer Green Rewards, comments:

“Today, selling and supporting PCs is just one requirement of channel partners. Additionally, they’re challenged with providing solutions that demonstrate value to their customers across a myriad of other factors, sustainability and social responsibility among them.  These aren’t simply buzzwords; they are real and significant conversations within the sales cycle and they’re here to stay.

“Acer Green Rewards equips Acer’s resellers with immediate insight of the overall value and environmental impact of their customer’s purchasing and recycling decisions, and in doing so strengthens those relationships.”

Acer Green Rewards launches in the UK in August and across EMEA from September 2021.