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Guided sales support drives lead conversion.

BT, the multinational telecommunications giant historically known for phone services, wanted to build on its well-established relationships with telecoms customers to grow its ever-expanding portfolio of IT solutions.  However, non-specialist telecoms sales personnel lacked the bespoke knowledge to position BT IT capabilities with those existing customers, and consequently specialist IT teams pursued poorly qualified leads.

It became clear that the generalist sales teams needed to be empowered to identify and qualify leads that could then be progressed and converted by the specialist team.

To meet this challenge, Consenna designed and implemented a suite of guided, interactive selling tools that enabled sales personnel to uncover new opportunities by taking customers through a series of intuitive questions.  In doing so, the leads identified were valid and posed a far greater chance of conversion once passed on to the IT specialists.

As a result, new opportunities for IT services were uncovered in existing BT accounts, and sales productivity increased by only engaging specialists on well qualified opportunities with the highest potential sale values.

“Our guided sales support, led to an increase in sales conversions”

— Douglas Jeffrey, Chairman

Douglas Jeffrey