Amy Harvey - Channel Communications Executive

Having spent almost three years as a Project Coordinator in one of the UK’s largest resellers, I’d developed a pretty decent understanding of the IT channel – or so I thought!

As I approach the two-month mark at Consenna, I realise there’s so much more about ‘the channel’ than I ever realised and I’m learning from a team that has unrivalled experience of all it has to offer.

Making the decision to move companies and pursue new challenges isn’t always easy, but I knew that I’d reached the point in my career where I needed to take a deep breath, accept a certain level of risk, and give myself the opportunity to grow.  I also wanted to find a role where I could make a positive contribution.  I’m pretty certain I’ve got that at Consenna!

Now, full disclosure: I did know OF Consenna before I applied for the role here.  Of course, I worked at a reseller and as a consequence I had heard about the team’s work on the HP for Education programme, as well as its ground-breaking education programme, Devices for Education.

Did I really know what they did though?  In all honesty, not really.  I knew there was an element of sales focused activity and had my perception remained just that, I’m not sure I’d have given them a second glance.

Two months on and I’ve been blown away on numerous levels.  The sheer range of vendors and OEMs that Consenna works with; the diverse nature of the programmes that the team delivers; the breadth and strength of the team’s relationships with partners throughout the channel… if ever there’s a team for which the phrase ‘there’s more to x than meets the eye’ appears tailor-made, then it’s Consenna!

‘Disruption’ is a word you’ll hear our MD Trevor use a lot when it comes to the work carried out by Consenna.  I used to think of that as having negative connotations; I don’t any longer.  What I’ve learnt since I joined the team is that when you combine channel experience, with possibly the strongest network of connections throughout the channel, add in plenty of enthusiasm and a strong sense of innovation, and mix it all up with a level of agility that gets things done, then yes you do create disruption, positive disruption.

When I took that deep breath back in the summer and decided to move my career on a gear, I had no idea the speed with which that change would occur.  I’ve learnt more since joining Consenna than I could have ever imagined, and it feels like I’ve been here a lifetime already (in a good way!). This is a team with a huge amount to offer and there really is more to Consenna than meets the eye!