Securing customer retention and growth.

Veritas, the leading data protection solutions supplier, had built a large customer base centred on those with on-premise back-up solutions. This meant that when it wanted to enable its sales teams to make the business case for cloud-based Veritas solutions it needed to both maintain existing customer loyalty and grow its client base. Faced with this challenge, it turned to the team at Consenna.

Developing an interactive sales tool to demonstrate both to existing and future Veritas’ customers the cost savings and other benefits of making the shift from on-site to cloud back-up, Consenna successfully enabled Veritas’ sales staff to communicate a compelling financial justification.

Use of this tool led to improved customer retention and conversion as a result of being able to demonstrate the business benefits of migrating to the cloud.

“Driving customer growth, whilst retaining existing customer value.”

— Douglas Jeffrey, Chairman

Douglas Jeffrey