Generating demand and improving sales productivity.

Leading IT distributor, West Coast, wanted to increase sales across printer solutions. It realised, however, that non-specialist sales people were challenged in knowing how to recommend the most appropriate printers to their customers when the available range extended to several hundred alternatives. This, in turn, adversely affected average unit selling values and consequently compromised customer satisfaction.

Westcoast needed to enable reseller sales teams to provide consistently high standards of advice to customers to drive both sales volumes and customer satisfaction. It therefore turned to Consenna given the team’s proven ability to deliver against demand generation and sales enablement challenges.

In turn, the team at Consenna devised an innovative web-based decision tree that could easily be used by non-specialist sales personnel to inform customers of a focused short-list of printer options. The tree, based on five key questions defined by subject matter experts, allowed users to identify clearly defined prospects’ printer needs and, importantly, ensure that the shortlist contained no more than 10 options to ensure focus and clarity of choice.

As a result, sales teams in Westcoast’s reseller partners were enabled to recommend the most appropriate printers to their customers helping to improve sales productivity, enhance the end customer buying experience, improve customer satisfaction, and grow loyalty to Westcoast as a distributor.

On the strength and success of this project, Westcoast subsequently commissioned Consenna to create further interactive web tools that would enable sales teams to quickly identify ‘in-stock’ printers with the features requested by their customers.

“With our support, reseller sales teams were empowered to improve sales productivity and enhance the customer buying experience.”

— James Fitch, Client Director