At Consenna we passionately believe that 1 + 1 = 3.

To achieve the greatest synergy in your business, we offer something unique: we’ve lived the lives of our customers and that means that we possess an insight and understanding of your needs that’s only possible having been there ourselves.

We develop, lead, own and execute the entire program of works, leveraging each element to enhance the next. What makes us special is an unmatched understanding, expertise and empathy that unifies numerous different elements into a cohesive strategy.

Aristotle was right: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”

That’s what makes us special

Consenna is dedicated to delivering growth, customer acquisition, improved sales effectiveness and the realisation of potential for every customer we work with.

We support customers as their needs evolve and their reach expands and provide programmes designed to scale easily across global markets.

Our ability to unlock the potential in our customers so they enjoy profitable growth is born from extensive experience creating, leading and proving effective sales enablement strategies. We never settle, never compromise and never take our customers’ trust for granted.


Dedicated to delivering growth

We take a modular approach that allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for each customer we work with.  This is achieved by selecting from a diverse portfolio of services as detailed below.

Strategic Consultancy

When customers need results, they choose Consenna.

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Program Design & Management

Programs to exceed objectives, reduce risk and smash ROI.

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Sales Campaigns

Risk managed, results centric and above all, ambitious.

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Sales Focused Marketing

Best in class creative assets to challenge outmoded thinking and drive bottom line sales.

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Sales Tools

Innovation and interactivity to drive engagement.

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Sales Enablement & Coaching

Equipping teams to maximise growth.

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Flagging sales?Demotivated sales force?Competitor on the charge?

Whatever your sales related need, we have the skills, experience and solutions to make a difference.
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